About us

Richa Enterprises is an integrated manufacturing as well as marketing organization dealing in domestic electrical products based at Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It is formed on 1st July-2014. We have a wide range of offerings from CFL/LED bulbs.We ensure strict adherence to quality standards and deploy the best recourses in the process of manufacturing electrical products.

Our products are design friendly as well as face the most stringent evaluation techniques before being allowed for sale on the shop floor. They go through a series of checks before as being fool-proof and ready to use. Our engineers have years of experience working on the field and bring forth this in manufacturing of products. We deal in electrical products and understand how the goods can affect a person while they are in use in daily lives. The products are aesthetically designed and secured against any electrical faults or leakages. The products are guaranteed to last a lifetime without causing any trouble or issue.

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