About CFL

CFL stands for Compact Florescent Light and as we all are aware, is a compact lightening device which has experienced wide spread usage. It has been regarded as the boon in beating electricity bills as they consume very less power but outputs the maximum and hence it has been primary choice of not only the households but also of offices and shops. Although it does not come as cheap as a typical bulb, but its life is more than ten times than a bulb and the operational cost is lower too as mentioned above. We, at Richa Enterprises profoundly conceptualize each item as a tiny system in its own essence that constitutes series of elements and each of these elements must be well refined and tested so as to achieve that item's overall objective. Hence, in same pursuit we manufacture our items by painstakingly checking each of its internal units for quality andEffectiveness. Even after manufacture, each item is passed through a series of tests and at each level afresh is aspect is looked at, so as to attain overall quality in effective testing.

With the current thrust on energy efficient lamps all over the world and with increased awareness to Environmental concerns, there is a growing demand for Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). These lamps witha very long life provide the highest lumen output with the lowest power consumption. Environment friendly,they give value for the money.

About LED

LEDs are made from gallium-based crystals that contain one or more additional materials such as phosphorousto produce a distinct color. Different LED chip technologies emit light in specific regions of the visible lightspectrum and produce different intensity levels.When light from all parts of the visible spectrum overlap one another, the additive mixture of colors appearswhite. However, the eye does not require a mixture of all the colors of the spectrum to perceive white light.Primary colors from the upper, middle, and lower parts of the spectrum (red, green, and blue), when combined,appear white. To achieve this combination with LEDs requires a sophisticated electro-optical design to controlthe blend and diffusion of colors. Variations in LED color and intensity further complicate this process.To take advantage of this surging demand that is expected to grow further, the organization is on a major expansion plan to increase its capacity in CFL and LED lamps.

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